Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery – NY

Blending the boundaries between public and private spheres, Mary Dutra is interested in experiencing art from inside her daily lived spaces. This collection shows an aesthetic approach that combines painting and photography to express a different way to live and produce art. She decorated her home with lavish colors that ignited the creative process. Then, models, with stripped sunglasses, were placed in strategic areas. Through the objects, each work tells its own story.

Mary Dutra was born in Rio de Janeiro. She has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design, and graduate certifications and an MBA in business. Nine years ago, she founded her company Mary Dutra Design. She took courses in art history, Renascence painting, open-air painting, nude, portrait and printmaking in Rio, London and especially in Florence. An avid world traveller, Mary has developed her own unique artistic style and technique of design and painting influenced by different cultures.

Curator: Rick J. Santos, Ph.D.

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